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Ella Fitzgerald


Ella Fitzgerald was born on April 25, 1917. Ella's parents were Temprace and William Williams. Ella struggled as a kid. When she was just a toddler, her father left Ella and her mom. Soon after that Ellas mom had a new husband and Ella had a new baby sister, Frances.

The same year Ella's sister was born, Ella started going to school. Ella first started singing at church, every Sunday. Ella would listen to Duke Ellington and his band play, all the time on her radio. When Ella was 15 her mother died and she moved in with her mother's sister.



At age 17 Ella started skipping school and gambling illegaly. Then, Ella ran away to the life she knew on the streets of Harlem. Ella started performing at Lafayette Theater in Harlem and was soon reconized by Chick Webb and his band. Ella's dream had come true.She was a real singer!

Singing Career(continued)


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