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Ella Fitzgerald

-Lifespan:April 25, 1917-June 15, 1996 -Music Genre:Jazz

Ella Fitzgerald"Queen of Jazz"

Parents:-Temperance(Tempie) and William FitzgeralPlace of Birth:Newport News, Virginia


Up Close:Ella FitzgeraldJazz LegendBy:Tanya Lee Stone

Five WordsE-xcellentL-ivelyL-evelheadedA-mazingF-ree(spirit)

Life LessonNo matter how tough things get, perserverance and hope can pull me through no matter how bad.

Quote"It isn't where you come from, it's where you're going that counts"-Ella Fitzgerald

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Ella Jane Fitzgerald had a very accomplished life, but it didn't start this way.Born April 25, 1917,she was practically born into a broken family in which her mother and father had seperated.After her parents seperated,and no they weren't married her father had simply given his last name to them, she and her mom moved to New York where her moms boyfriend lived, but financial struggles followed and once her mom died she moved with her aunt.Ella then entered a talent show at the Apollo and ended up winning the 1st place prize of $25.This is only the beginning to learn more read


-Ella was the first African-American to win a grammy and won a total of 13 grammies in her lifetime.-Ella was knowb for her amazing intonation and her grand range but she was known extremely for making horn-like sounds when she sings.

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