[2015] Nyasia Lacey (8-1): Ella Fitzgeland

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[2015] Nyasia Lacey (8-1): Ella Fitzgeland

1917- Ella Fitzgerald was born1932- Ella's mother died due to a heart attack.1934- Ella began her music career at the age of 17 years old.1935-1939 - Ella recorded over 150 hit songs with the Tiny Bradshaw Band.1942- Ella began her solo career.1956-1993 - Ella was internationally known for her beautiful voice. 1993- Ella retired from singing due to health issues.1955- Ella began her career in film and television.1985- The Lady ofsong was often hospitalized for respiratory problems.1996- Ella Jane Fitzgerald died at the age of 76 years old.


In January 1935 Ella won the chance to perform for a week with the Tiny Bradshaw Band at the Harlem Opera House. Ella recorded several hit songs with the band, but the bandleader Chick Webb died in 1939. The band was renamed “Ella and her Famous Orchestra”. In total the band created nearly 150 songs before the band decided to split up. In the year of 1942 Ella began her solo career. She signed to Decca music label. Ella began a new genre of music, called scat-singing.Ella sang the Duke Ellington songbook. Since Duke’s songbook was so successful they agreed to make a songbook together. It was called the “E and D Blues”. This songbook was most acclaimed and commercially successful work. Ella explored the film and television industry. Her first major role was in Jack Webb’s jazz film “Pete Kelly’s Blues” in 1955. The biggest role that she ever had was in a Warner Brothers movie. Ella also appeared in many television commercials. She was most memorable for the Memorex advertisement. She was also well known from the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial. The last campaign was for the brand American Express.

Lasting Impact

Ella had a profound impact on our nation/world. The Lady of Song has dedicated her beautiful voice to the world, in return she should be honored. Don’t mind if I mention that she has won 13 Grammy Awards, A Life-time Achievement Award, a Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts Medal of Honor award and many many more. Her legacy will live on for eternity.


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