Ella and Fiona

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Ella and Fiona

Sport One of the ways that the mayans competed against each other was by playing what had been called the ball game. They used a rubber ball (about 20inches in diameter) to play the game, witch was played on a stone court (size variable). The larges one found was 459 feet by 114 feet. The court had Walls that sloped inward, and hanging high on the ceiling were stones rings

Mayan history

ChocolateIt is known that mayans enjoyed chocolate. The seed from a Carco tree is the main ingredient in chocolate drinks. They drunk it in forms from froth to a pulpy mush. The mayans referred to chocolate as the drink of the gods.

The tzolkin calendar has a cycle of 20 day names 13 day numbers .mayans had a calendar with 18 months and 20 days plus 5 unlucky ones, they also had a religious calendar with 260. A maya year is divided into 19 months each has a name and a corresponding glyph. The first 18 months have 20 days but the last one only has 5. Each day in a month is numbered 1-19 except for the last one (wayeb) numbered from 0-4.

Toads are commonly used in Mayan textiles as they are associated with rain and fertility. The diamond shape design may be the most common as it is simple to weave and embroider. The shape of the diamond represents the 4 corners of the Mayan world, each corner represent 4 directions : east,north,south and west.



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