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The picture on the right shows fluid friction because he is jumping in the air to dunk the ball for points.

Gravity is the downward pull of objects to earth. In basketball when you shoot the ball it goes threw the hoop which describes Gravity.

Basketball Physics

Fluid Friction is the friction in the air. It relates to the picture because when someboody dribbbles the ball in the air it goes up and down.

Centripetal Force is the spinning of a object. It can relate to the picture above because when you dribble a ball it is spinning.

The picture above shows unbalanced force because when you shoot the ball you are shooting it stronger than gravity. When it comes back down gravity takes over.

Sliding Friction- the resistance when two solid objects slide againgst each other.

Rolling Friction- is a resistive force acting to slow the motion of a object that is traveling.


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