elizabeth's solar energy

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elizabeth's solar energy

Solar Energy



Scroll DownSolar Energy can benefit the enviorment because it dose not pollute the air.It also has minimal impack on the envirerment

Some ways you can covert energy from the sun is:Photovoltaic or "solar cells"and Solar Thermal/ Electric Power Plants

Scroll DownSolar energy can be tranfered to heating and electricity by Photovolt Cells.The biggest solar plant is in California

Scroll Down Solar energy is a renewable resurese. Solar enregy can be for cooking, cooling, heating, communica, and driving space crafts

Scroll Down In the future solar power could reduse the pollutants in the air which can help grow fresh foods. It also can help the polar bears because pollution was the thing that caused globel warming and the polar bears are running out. So if more people use things that don't pollute the air could nelp the polar bears

Scroll DownI chose solar power because I like astronomy and solar power has to do with the sun and the sun is a star


text bibliographyScroll Downkids/energy.cfm?page=solar_home-basicshttp://interestingenergyfacts.blogspot.com/2008/03/solar-energy-facts.html

Scroll Down The definition of solar energy is radiated energy from the sun in a form of heat and light. It is used by green plants for photosynthesis and hardnessed as solar power. This kind of energy comes from the reactants in the sun.



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