[2016] Matt Cascioli (Fatzinger P3): Elizabethan Theatre

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[2016] Matt Cascioli (Fatzinger P3): Elizabethan Theatre

Music in Elizabethan Theatre

FUN FACTS1. Music and theatre were the main forms of entertainment in the 1500's in England.2. Shakespeare used a wide variety of music in his plays.3. The public thought it odd when plays went without music.4. Music was featured in many plays of the era5.

Did you know.....1. Did you know Elizabethan church hyms are still common today?2. Did you know music in Elizabethan times was not a popular thing until Shakespeare used in plays.


Fun Facts

Summary Music in Elizabethan theatre was an important part of entertainment in the 1500's. Music was so prominate in theatre at the time that people would find it odd when plays would be without music. Shakespeare used over 500 pieces of music in his poems and plays. In fact music was not very popular until play writers like Shakespeare featured music in their productions. Music in theatre in the Elizabethan theatre had a huge impact on Britian during this era.



Famous Muiscians: Robert JohnsonTomas TallisWilliam Byrd

Queen Elizabeth i

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String musicians performing during the Elizabethan era

Music notes


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