Elizabethan Knights and Chivalry

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Elizabethan Knights and Chivalry

Knights and Chivalry

What is Chivalry? Chivalry were codes of conduct and strict etiquette of everyday life

The Code of Chivalry was like the honor code for knights. It laid out the core values that they should live their life by.

There are many different codes of chivalry written by different rulers but the main ideas of honesty, respecting women, valour, faithfullness, honor, braveness, and to defend their people remains the same in each of them each of the

The Medieval Feudal System was declining during the start of Elizabeth's rule but knights still fought as soldiers in the Elizabethan armies but the title of "Knight" was becoming more and more about prestige than anything

This is a photo of an army of knights. Almost all knights were nobles who would fight for a person in their army in return for land.

This is a photo of a squire being knighted. The three main steps for a noble to become a knight were that they first became a page and next became a squire. Here they learned how to fight and about the codes of chivalry. After many years, the squire could finally become a knight.

Tournaments were a very popular way for knights to practice their knightly skills and to also have fun.The different types of combat that you could find at a tournament included jousting, archery, and hand-to-hand combat using different types of weapons

This is a photo of a knight tournament. A tournament was a series of mounted and armoured combats, that were fought like contests. Large amounts of knights would compete and the one that prevailed through the final round or who finished with the best record was declared the winner and awarded a prize, or money.

Surprisingly the romance, rules and art of Medieval Courtly Love together with the code of chivalry allowed knights and ladies to show their admiration for each other regardless of their marital state.

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