Elizabethan era

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Elizabethan era

Three divisions of the poor:-The Helpless Poor: consisted of old, sick, disabled, and children.-Able Bodied Poor: could work, and were willing to get to buisness.-Rogues & Vagabonds: begging and stealing was a way of life. They were able to work, just didn't want to.

Elizabethan Era

Recreation and Entertainment:-Bullbaiting: the citizens trapped, tourtured, and teased the bull until it died as an entertaining show.-Soccer was a favorite of many pastimes, but it was hated by the government.-Chess and checkers were two popular games that even the queen enjoyed.- The upper class hunted for recreation.- During this time, SHakespeare was very popular for his comedies, dramas, and romances. One of his most popular was Much Ado About Nothing

Clothing of the Physician:- When treating a patient, it is strictly stressed to be covered completely.-The face is covered in a mask.-Boots and gloves are worn onn hands and feet.-Long, dark robes had pointed hoods.-Amulets were tied around the waist. Inside the amulet is dried up blood and ground up toads..

Education:-Students attended grammar school.-Only boys could get an education.-The lower class could not afford schooling.-Graduating into a university was rare during this time.-They learned latin grammar, latin literature, and rhetoric.-Literacy was higher than it had ever been during this period.-Public schooling was NOT free.

Everyday Life of the Poor:-Most citizens of the lower class were farmers..-Working conditions were standard, times of work were from sun up to sun down.-Children began working at early ages.-They could not afford an eductaion.

Government:-The government consists of a Monach, privy council, and parliament.-The privy council was the administrative body.-Nobles had the power to establish institutins, religions, and educational institutions.-During this time, a profitable cloth-making inndustry was developed.

Medical Field:-There was little help for the sick and the elderly.-The bubonic plague killed 1/3 of the population.-Illnesses were easily spread by fleas, rats, and lice.-Typhoid was caused by no running water-There was a lack of sanitation whic caused a lot of medical problems.-Beliefs of causes of illness were based on ancient teachings of Aristotle and Hippocrates-The physicians usually just administered herbs to heal the sick.

Food:-Food was often purchased from small markets.-Methods of cookingconsisted of: boiling, spit roasting, baking, smoking, salting, and frying.-The upper class ate on silverware amd the lower class ate on wooden/horn dishes-Food was usually served cold.Drink:-There was no source of clean water.-Honey was used to sweeten most beverages.-Ale, mead, wine, cider, beer were most popular.-One gallon of alcoholic beverages were consumed PER PERSON!

Everyday life of the Wealthy:-The household included extended family and their house help (maids, butlers, cooks, etc.).-meat was a prominent source of nutrition.-Only the wealthy ate off silver.Fashion of the upper class:-Royalty wore purple.-Fur trims were exclusively for the higher income families.-Red was worn by the highest nobility.-Gold was worn by the nobles.-Mermine was worn by the royal family as well.


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