Elizabethan Era

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Elizabethan Era

Elizabethan EraBy: Naveena Shamkarran Kiara Carino

Government:The three bodies of government were Monarch, Privy, and Parliament. Monarch: Queen Elizabeth made all major decisions.Privy: Responsible for general administration of the country.Parliament: Passed laws and granted the Queen money.

Education: Dictated by ruling monarch of the time. Boys 5-7 were enrolled in "petty school." They were instructed by well educated housewives.

Recreation/Leisure: Sports included archery, hammer throwing, and bowling. Team sports were popular. People enjoyed going to the theatre. Shakespeare was the most well known writer at the time.

Food and Beverage:Varied according to status and wealth. Meat: lamb, beef, mutton, etc.Vegetables: turnips, carrots, onions, etc.Fruits: apples, pears, plums, etc.They didnt drink water because of the bacteria, they drank ale instead. The poor ate mostly bread.

Health Issues:- The most fatal disease was the plague. Was carried by fleas on rats. - Occurred in 1563, and it is highly contagious. - Killed about 80,000 people in England alone. - Three serious outnreaks that led to the closure of entertainment.

Everyday Poor:- Lived and worked in family units.- Children started working young, so were not able to be educated.- Each family member had a task at home and work.

Everyday Wealthy:- Education was taught in their homes by top scholars.- Most lived a house consisting of family, sometimes extended, and a large amount of working staff.

Much Ado About Nothing- It was first performed in the Elizabethan Era. (1598-15990


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