Elizabethan Era

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European history

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Elizabethan Era

Food and Beverage:

Cooking Methods:•Spit Roasting•Baking•Boiling•Smoking•Salting•Fried

It was important that food had a good visual effect for nobility.

"Ploughman's lunch" is bread and cheese, which is stable for the lower class.The water wasn't clean so they drank wine and ale.The poor usually ate bread, fish, and cheese. They usually drank ale.The rich had more of a choice which was lamb, beef, rabbit, turnips, carrots, apples, cherries and much more. They drank wine and ale.

Health and Medical:

One of the biggest diseases back then was the bubonic plauge which killed 1/3 of the population. Many illness were formed from lack of sanitation.

Some illness and their treatments:Head pains were cured with sweet smelling herbs.Wounds were cured by vinegar which was a cleaning agent and believed to kill disease. Tooth aches were cured by getting your teeth pulled.

Leprosy was very rare.Humours is blood, phlegm, choler (yellow bile) melancholy (black bile) too much of these caused disease.


The Elizabethan Era

3 things made up the government:Monarch, Privy Council, Parliament.Most important courts:Great session- held twice a year.Quarter session- held four times a year.Assizes dealt with most crimes suchas witchcraft, theft, ect.

The Queen was God's representation on Earth.Monarch was Queen Elizabth IShe ruled for 45 years. She was the 6th and the last of the tudor dynasty.


Spectator/Bloodsports- Considered to be cruel and gruesome. Frequently used to impress ambassadors. Bearbaiting: involved a bear tied to a stake by a long rope in a pit with four or five large dogs.Bullbaiting: Much the same as bearbaiting but a bull was put into a pit and torchered to death.Cockfighting: Roosters would have sharp blades on each foot and fight to the death.

Team Sports- They were very violent.Examples are football, hurling, and soccer.

Simple Games- Example, the game of bowls.They would roll their bowl (a ball called a Jack) towards another bowl at the end of a green field and whoever gets closest, wins.


Most children didn't go to school.Only wealthy children had the privilege to go.Began at 6 in the summer and 7 in the winter and lasted until 5.They had a 15 minute recess at 3.They were expected to learn reading, writing, and how to speak Latin.At least an hour of their day was learning bible scriptures and catechism.If they didn't learn their lesson, turn in their paper near enough, or drop an ink spot of their paper, their hand would be beat with wacks of a cane or birch whip.

Everyday Life of the Poor:

There were three sections of the poor.The Helpless Poor- The old, sick, disabled, and children.Able Bodied Poor- People who were able to work and had jobs provide by government until they find a better jobRogues and Vagabonds: Beggers and stealers. They would get beat if found begging. The poor wore cloths made of cheap linens and wool the colors of that were usually beige, brown, or yellow.If found not wearing the correct clothing of you your class you could lose your property or your life(sumptuar laws).

The wealthier you were, the more education you got.Nobles married in order to keep their status.Wealthy wore colors like deep reds and purples to show that they were of a higher class .Their clothing distinguished who they were as a noble.They enjoyed playing various sports to maintain high status

Everyday Life of the Wealthy:

Much Ado About Nothing

This play is a comedy by William Shakespere.Thought to be written in 1598 and 1599.

Takes place in Messina.


Characters:Leonato: Governer or Messina and Hero's fatherHero: Wife of Claudio and Beatrice's cousinBeatrice: Leonatos neice and best friends / cousins to Hero.Don Pedro: Prince of Aragon and longtime friend of Leonato.Claudio: A soilder and nobleman who loves Hero.Benedick: Soilder under Don Pedro who is very witty.Don John: Don Pedros brother Dogberry: Master Constable (Police Officer)Conrade: Don Johns serventVerges: Dogberry's deputy.Borachio: Don Johns servant and is in love with Margaret.Balthasar: Servant in Leonato's household.Margaret and Ursula: Hero's two serving women.

Summary:A week before their wedding, Hero and Claudio team up with Don Pedro to try and get Beatrice and Benedick together. Considering they're both uninterested in love and eachother, it was a hard task. Meanwhile, Don John is plotting to ruin the wedding.


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