Elizabethan Era-Women's fashion

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Elizabethan Era-Women's fashion

Women in the Elizabethan time period were seen as prizes. With that idea, they had to look and dress beautifully every day. Trying to do so, women often became unhealthy.

Views of Women

The way a woman carried herself was all that mattered in the Elizabethan era. Unfortunately, majority of these women often fell ill or died from simply trying to look sophisticated. No one in this time period saw any of this as an issue. As long as a woman appeared beautiful, their health was not cared about. Women were solely judged by what the human eye could physically see.


Womens Fashion In Elizabethan Era

Corsets were so tight, womens ribs would break.

Red rouge and white makeup were lead based. This would make the women gain acne or, in most cases, die.


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