[2015] Savanna Macias: Elizabethan England 1550-1603 AD

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[2015] Savanna Macias: Elizabethan England 1550-1603 AD

Elizabethan England 1550-1603 AD

By: Savanna Macias

TechnologyIn 1589, William Lee inveted the knitting machine. In 1597, John Harington invented the flashing toliet.

Trends Fashion period in 1550-1600 in Western European clothing was characterized by increased opulence. women's fashion clothing generally consisted of a loose or fitted gown worn over a kritle or petticoat(or both). The hair was mostly woren by a headgear and that was the style.

Lifestyle Work- English countrywoman weared an open- fronted gown laced over a kirtle and a chemise with narrow ruffs at neck and wrists.

Culture Influences1588- In Europe, the defeat of the Spanish Armada by the English results in Great Britian. Replacing Spain as the dominant world power and leads to a gradual decline of Spanish influence in the New World. The widening of English imperial interests.

IconsEdward Johnson(1572-1601) contributed to Michael East's psalter and The triumphs of Oriana and more.

Accessories The fashion was wearing or carrying the pelt of a sable or marten spread from continential Europe into England in this period; costume historians call these accessories zibellini or "flea furs".

Beliefs & ValuesEngland's population doubled; prices rocketed, rents followed, old social loyalties dissolved, and new industrial, argriculture, and commercial veins were first tapped. Satires and comedies from the 1590s complain.


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