Elizabethan Education

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Elizabethan Education

Elizabethan Education

University- only 2 universities in England (Oxford and Cambridge) - usual age of matriculation = 15 to 17 years - all students were boys- teaching consisted primarily of lectures and exams took in to form of oral disputations

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At the age of six, boys and girls began to learn skills appropriate to their rank in society.

Petty School- taught reading, writing, and ciphering (basic arithmetic with Arabic numerals)- strongly religious- often run by a young wife who teaches the local children in her home for a small fee- main focus of the school was to get the students into grammar school

Grammar School- lasted 5 to 10 years (usually until the age of 14)- the primary study was Latin grammar- it was rare for a girl to be admitted to a grammar school

Tutors- could provide a child's entire education (espcially for girls and noble children)- might cover subjects not taught in school- often hired to teach dancing and music


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