Elizabethan Culture

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Elizabethan Culture

Elizabethan Culture

Upper Class

Fashion: abric was colorful and they wore furs and jewles Food: Ate three meals: Breakfast, Dinner (could be the beginning of a feast that lasted the end of the day, and supper. Architecture: To show wealth, the middle class citizens would buy glass to put in windows. They also were able to build second story homes with the invention of the chimney.

Middle Class' Gentry

Fashion: Sumptury Law's provided strict law's for what the different classes could wear Food: Meat and Fish were eaten by the rich. They did not eat vegtables, because they were reseved for the poor. They also ate treats and pasteries.Architecture:Stone and expensive brick was used. Roman and Greek styled houses were admired and recreated.

Fashion: Women made clothing out of cloth that they could afford Food: The poor depended on vegtables that they would grow from their own gardens. Bread was also used when the families could afford ir. Architecture:Huts are made from mud and rocks. Windows are cut in the roof to keep the families from suffocating from the fire inside the home. Homes were dark, and the only light source was the fire

The Lower Class

Crime and Punishment

Forms of Torture

The Iron Maiden

The Scavenger's Daughter

Women were mistreated during the Elizabethan era. They were abused and forced into marriage. They also had very little rights and forced into working at home and taking care of children.

One-Third of Europe's people died of the Bubonic Plague

Symptoms: High feverBuboesNausea Muscular PainBleeding in the Lungs


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