Elizabethan Clothing Era

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Elizabethan Clothing Era

During the Elizabethan Era, cothing had a very distinct appearance. Clothing separated the rich higher class citizens from the poor lower class. During this era, people were not allowed to wear whatever they wanted, their clothing choices were determined by the Elizabethan Sumptuary Laws. During this time period, people wore many different layers of clothes, which could become very cumbersome and extremely uncomfortable on a hot day.

For women daily dress consisted of a smock, stockings, corset, and a hoop skirt called a Farthingale that was covered by a full gown with long sleeves and a high collar with shoes, a hat, and a cloak. For men, the daily dress was tights, boots, a long sleeved shirt with a high collar, breeches, shoes, a hat, and a cloak. This was dress for the rich higher class citizens

Daily Dress

Examples of Men Clothing

Fun Fact: Lots of the clothing worn in this era was inspired by geometric shapes

Clothes Slashing was a new technique many people used during these times, because of all the clothing rules, people began cutting thier clothes in defiance and because it allowed for the design of the underclothes to show through



The men's style of clothing was very distinct during the beginning of the great Elizabethan period. The shoes of men were generally made with the finest leather.The men wore embroidered vest-like shirts called jerkins.The pants were loose-fitting and extended to about three to four inches above the knee. The sleeves of the shirt wereoften decorated and loose-fitting all the way to the wrists.The men also wore stockings. The most distingushed men began to wear crowned beaver hats and wide cloaks held by a chain and a crucifix.


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