[2016] Halie Holderman (Fatzinger P7): Elizabethan Attire - Halie

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[2016] Halie Holderman (Fatzinger P7): Elizabethan Attire - Halie


The Elizabethan Era was obviosly very different from life today. At first glance, though, a very noticable difference was the way that people dressed. Women wore huge, flowing ball gowns with hats, corsets, underwear, collars, ruffs and shoes. That's about 5 more layers of clothing than your average outfits today! Men also wore about the same amount of clothing. Ruffs, hats, shoes, doublets, breeches, underwear and collars were the every day thing to wear in the late 1500's. Imagine going outside in summer! But all of these crazy amounts of layers were not an option, due to sumptuary laws. These were laws that governed style and materials worn, control behavior, and control class structure. In other words, laws to enforce people to dress differently based on their class in society. The punishments for ignoring or breaking these laws could be as severe as loss of property, and even death. So next time you complain about your school's dresscode, think of what the people of the Elizabethan era had to wear!

Did you know? Only Royalty were permitted to wear clothes trimmed with ermine. This was another way to distinguish the poor from the rich.

Did you know? Most people of the Elizabethan Era wore at least 5 layers of clothes on a normal day?

An average Elizabethan man.

An average Elizabethan woman.

Queen Elizabeth as a young woman.

Queen Elizabeth


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