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Elizabeth Wisely


A chemist has to conduct chemical related analyses and experiments in laboratories.

Most of the jobs require a bachelor's degree. You must have a master's degree for jobs researching and also, to teach in community colleges. For you master's one to two years of full time graduate work is required.

Chemist's often have to work with harmful and sometimes fatal chemicals. The laboratories have safeguards to insure safety, if used properly. They have offices to plan, record, and report lab research. Alot of times chemist work in teams.

Employment Outlook:2016 = 5,660 people will be employed in NY.160 jobs open each year!

Salary:-$46,550 for entry level workers-$86,990 for experienced workers

You can take High School subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics and mathmatics. Training wise, you should have several years of work related experiences, by doing on the job training.

Related Jobs: Biochemist, Physicists, Chemical EngineersCompanies/Businesses: U.S Departments of Defense, Agriculture, and Health and Human Services.3 sources of Information: Chronicle Career Library, Career Zone, Occupational Outlook Handbook

Elizabeth Wisely10/11/09

GOE# - 02.01.01DOT#-022.061-010

Skills:-Active Listening-Complex Problem Solving-Reading Comprehension-Qualiy Control Analysis-Writing-Time Managment

Holland Code: Investigaive, Realisic, Enterprising

Natural and Agricultural Sciences


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