[2015] Ashley Laub: Elizabeth Tomlinson Keppsake Album

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[2015] Ashley Laub: Elizabeth Tomlinson Keppsake Album

Elizabeth TomlinsonEuropean Immigrant

February 21, 1909Dear Aunt Marie,The whole family is thrilled to be in America at last! Mother cried when she saw the big statue for the first time. Lottie and Louis don't seem to be very excited, but I know they secretly are. For a girl of 8, I think I am ready to step forward and start doing things for the family, although I know dad won't let me. I hope to see you soon!Love, Elizabeth

A Letter to Aunt Marie

I am the youngest child of three. I am currently 8, while my older brother, Louis, is 11, and sister, Lottie, is 9. My mother is 32, while my father is 35. We were all born in Workshop, England.

Elizabeth Mae Tomlinsonborn December 12, 1901in Workshop, England

My family was forced to migrate due to the unpayable poverty we were in.


February 22, 1909Dear Uncle John and Family,We have officially gone through the process of entering the United States. It was a long journey of traveling, questions, check-ups, and more questions. There is this big building we waited in for what felt like eternity. The line was so long, it filled nearly the entire building! Although we went through some hardships with father's health and mother's visa, we made it out successfully. I hope to see you all again someday.Love, Elizabeth

Birth Information

A Letter to Uncle John and Family

October 28, 1911Currently, the only thing I am really ale to do is run around and help do odd jobs like cleaning for extra cents.

December 17, 1912I still mostly do simple cleaning. Sometimes the other Europeans will give me extra tips for anything extra I may do. Not hard work, but I want more,

Work Life

March 4, 1913 Because I'm 12, I can now go to work with my mom at the market for an extra hand. I don't get paid, but a little more is added to my mom's paycheck each week.

April 29, 1911The English ladies never let me clean for them. They always slam the door in my face.

November 2, 1912Americans accept me and my family more now; they must have finally realized we're here to stay.

July 5, 1909Yesterday was "America" Day. When I tried to run around and play woth the other kids I only recieved glares, don't I have just as much of a right as they do?

Reason of Immigration

Social Stance

This is a picture of me and some of my new friends playing around in the streets after moving to America.

This is a picture of my favorite doll, which I brought with me to play with.

This is a copy of the front of my passport, which I needed to have in order to enter the country.

This is a copy of my ferry ticket, whcih took us to ellis island itself.

This is a bill for 50 cents, which I didn't necesarily use, but carried for my mother.

This is a copy of structural map of Ellis Island, which we used when we arrived.

This is a page I tore from the Englsih dictionary. I already knew English, but they still used a different vocabulary than us in England.

This is a copt of a rent reciept my mom let me keep after she was done with it.

This is the picture of a can of cleaning supplies I used when cleaning houses; the only job I could get.

This is a pciture of our house in England before we moved to America.

This is a picture of the park I would always go to before we moved to America.

This is a picture of the tenement building my family lived in after moving to America.


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