Elizabeth sonrel

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Elizabeth sonrel

Elizabeth Sonrel

born in 1874, Elizabeth Sonrel is a french painter and illistraiter in art nouveau. Her ilistraitions were allegorical subjects, mysticism and symbolism, portraits and landscapes. Nicolas Stephane Sonrel was her fother. he was a painter from Tours. Her forst experiences in art came from her father. She went to paris to learn more about art. Her teacher was Jules Lefebvre. Her diploma work, 'Pax et Labor', was painted in 1892. Her signature pieces of art were large water colors. She picked up water colors after her trip to paris and rome. Starting from 1900 to the day of her death, she started art nouveau. She also starting painting portrits. she sterted making posters, and handouts in theart nouveau style. She later on died in 1953 at Sceaux.


Top left courner is the famous painting called " our lady of the cow parsley. she used watercolor to make this. Les Saintes Bergères Collectors' Club, was the name of the painting on the bottom left. it was also watercolor.The bottom right is called La Musique. and the top right picture is called Mireille and was an oil painting.

She followed her dream of painting and became a good artist.

Lasting Impact

Elizabeth was a great artist. She used alot of art nouveau and inspired people to keep there dream no matter how hard it was.

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