Elizabeth Smith

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Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

This is ELizabeth Smith caring for two injured soldiers.

Background:Born on January 25th, 1837 in Atlanta, GeorgiaYoungest of 4 brothers and sistersGrew up in Atlanta, Georgia Went to a local school as a childGraduated as a medical nurse in 1855 Married a fellow medical school student, John MillerOctober 1860 she received an army commission as an assistant surgeon and helped Confederate soldiers until the war ended Spy for the Confederates Captured September 16, 1862 while treating a Confederate soldier on a battlefieldSpent four months in a Union prison campReleased July 3, 1864Died on March 1, 1899

These are some of the tools physicians used to perform surgery.

This is a video that explains the roll and duties of the physicians and nurses during the war, and the change in medicine and health care from the 1800s to today.

Elizabeth Smith took part in many battles such as: GettysburgBull RunAntietam FredericksburgChancellorsville PetersburgAppomattox

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Confederate Physician


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