Elizabeth queen

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Elizabeth queen

I´m going to be the oldest queen.I´m going to be older than Victoria queen!

Who is England´s Queen?:(????

England´s Queen is called Isabel II. She is also queen of Canada, Australia, New Zeland, Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, Granada, Papúa-nueva Guinea, Salomón irlands, Tuvalu, Santa Lucía, San Vicente and Granadinas,Belice, Antigua y barbuda and San Cristóbal and Snow.

Record Staff

Name:Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, now called Isabel II.Age:88 years.Birthday:21 April.Sons or Daughters:Carlos, Ana, Andrés and Eduardo. Years reigning:62 years.Husband:Felipe of Denmark and Greece.Curiosities:she is going to be the oldest queen, more than queen Victoria.

Queen´s in England are also the most powerfull religious power because Enrique VIII untie of the Catholic Church, creating the Church branch of the protestants. In this branch, the authority of the protestants is the queen! Also, English people have to speak like her or the journalists. Now, the school in Spain teach us the Queen´s English. Interesting, no?

Which is the religion of theEnglish people?

In U.K., they don´t use euro, they use pounds and cents.Also, they have other measures, like feets or milles.They also drive in the right, an they have to drink tea at 5:00 p.m.!There is a lot of history in England.One of the most called battle is Trafalgar Battle.This is the reason that make Gibraltar English.


How about differencesbetween the U.K. and the rest of the world.:)

How would be your bahaviour with an English man?

Hi, I´m the Queen!



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