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Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II is the Queen and constitutional monarch of the United Kingdom and since her accession, 32 different common wealth realms. Elizabeth became Queen when she was just 25 years old and at the age of 88, she has reigned for 62 years. Not only is she a Queen, she is a wife to Prince Phillip, a mother to Charles, Anne, Andrew, ' Edward, and a grandmother to 8.Throughout her reign, she has overseen many different histrorical events and wars between various her various realms. The heir to the throne is currently held by her firstborn son, Prince Charles.


1926 - Birth1947 - Marriage1948 - Birth of Charles1950 - Birth of Anne1952 - Accession1953 - Coronation1960 - Birth of Andrew1964 - Birth of Edward1977 - Silver Jubilee2002 - Golden Jubilee2012 - Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth is currently the second longest reigning monarch in British History. She has reigned over the United Kingdom for 62 years and 234 days (as of Sept 28, 2014). The longest reigning monarch was Queen Victoria, Elizabeth's great great grandmother, who reigned for 63 years and 216 days.



Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, Queen of the United Kingdom




Elizabeth's coronation was the first telivised coronation as well as the world's first major international event to be featured on tv.


Many people may believe the monarchy is outdated, yet many British people love and adore the Queen and the Royal Family, considering them an integral part of British life.

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