Elizabeth I

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Elizabeth I

Impact on Shakespeare

Elizabeth I

Shakespeare cleverly hinted passages referring to the Queen and other events affiliated during both of their lives. The Queen would attend most of Shakespeare's plays in which she was the most important figure in the audience.

Although Queen Elizabeth was mainly known as "The Queen", she was also considered a big fan of Shakespeare's work. She loved the play Henry IV so much, she requested for another play to be made with the main character falling in love. This led the the play "The Merry Wives of Windsor."

She grew up in a in a complex Roman Catholic family. She is the daughter of King Henry VIII. She is the daughter of Anne Boleyn. Her older half sister Mary and their cousin Lady Jane Grey were both in line for the crown.

Early Life



Queen Elizabeth came into power in 1588 at a time when Protistants and Catholics did not like eachother. After previous reigns from her sister and her father, she finally managed to bring them both back together and have little to no hatred between each other.




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