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Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I was known as the greatest monarch of England. Her time ruling was called the Golden Age. Before she became queen, her life had many changes. When she was three years old, her mother was beheaded. King Henry VIII (father) felt that her mother wasn't being loyal and got rid of her. Later, the king had many other wives, but when he died, Elizabeth was put into his widow, Catherine Parr's, hands. Elizabeth was thought to be in danger and then was locked in the London tower. November 17, 1558 Elizabeth became queen. One of the first things she did as queen was establish a protestant-based church. The church had many Catholic traditions and Elizabeth was the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. In the year 1559, the queen considered many marriages but refused all of them. Elizabeth remains the “Virgin Queen.” She also defeated the Spanish Armada. "I know I have the body of a feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king--and of the King of England too." was the most famous line of her speech at Tilbury. Furthermore, in her rule, the arts flourish. Also, a nine year goes on with Ireland, and she gives many more great speeches. Finally in the year 1603, the great Queen Elizabeth I dies.


1533 - Elizabth was born1536 - Her mother was beheaded1547 - Henry VIII dies. 1554 - Elizabeth was inprisoned in the tower.1558- Elizabeth becomes queen.1568 - She supports protestants.1585 - Queen starts the Anglo- Sanish war.1588 - They defeat the Spanish Armada.1590 - Arts flourish.1594 - 9 year Ireland war.1601 - Golden speech.1603 - Eizabeth dies.

During her rule, it was an huge accomplishment to be a queen without a king. It was hard but she succeeded in a male domniate world.She also led her country into war successfully. Additionally, Elizabeth encoraged the arts, theater, oversea exporlation, and trade.

Lasting Impact

She is the Queen of England that will always be remembered for her great work.


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Queen Elizabth I



The Virgin Queen


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