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Elizabeth Cady Stanton

- She was born on November 12 1815 in Johnstown, New York - She was a daughter of a lawyer. - When her brother died she took up his role in the family.- She graduated from troy women's seminary and had the best eudcation during her time, as a women- Late she was drawn into abolition, temprance movement and the woman's sufrage by visting her cousin's house a famouse reform Gerrit Smith.- She later married Henry Stanton against her father's wish. And they when to London on an anti-slavery convention as honeymoon.- When they returened they had seven children and and her husband started studing and practiced law and they settled in Sennca fall in New York.


-Nov. 12 1815 born-1833; Graduated from Troy Female Seminary-1840; Marries Henry Stanton-1847; moves to Seneca Falls-1848; held the first women's rights convention in Seneca Falls. There she wrote and presented the Declaration of Sentiments demanding women's rights.-1851; She met Susan B Anthony.-1854; Both of them led the Women's State Temperance Society-1866; Elizabeth and Susan help establishd American Equal Rights Association which was to get equal voting rights for women and African Americans-1868-1870; Elizabeth ad Susan published The Revolution a women's right paper-1869; founded the National Women's Suffrage Association, Elizabeth as its president. -1878; she writes and submits the NWSA's proposed amendment-1882-1886; Elizabeth and Anthony travel to Europe to take part in international wowan's suffrage-1888; the women's conference is held. Its the largest international women's conference and united many for this cause.-1892; she retires from NAWSA presidency.-1895; she publish Women's Bible correcting biblical passages-1902; two weeks before her 87th birthday she dies of a heart failure.

-Elizabeth arranged the Sennca Falls convention with Susan B Anthony-She wrote and presented the Decarlation of Sentimentals which states women's rights.-Elizabeth and Susan B Anthony campainged about exapnding Married women's property law of 1860. After her speech to New York Legislature, the New york married Women's Property Law of 1848 gave them more rights and also become the Women's Property law of 1860.-She established American Equal Rights Association demanding equal voting rights for African American and Women's -Later her, Lucy Stone, Susan B Anthony and Carrie Chapman Catt founded the National American Women's Suffrage Association and Elizabeth became it's president.-The purpose of this organization was to unite women to fight for women's right and the sufrage.-She published The Revelouion, giving her a place to voice her opinions-She help sit up the International Coucil of Women in 1888 with Susan B Anthoney-She published a book called Women's Bible which became the best seller.

Lasting Impact

Stanton had effected both public and private lives of women's regarding, property rights, equal education, empeloyment opportunity, divorce provisions and child custody rights. She made it possable from women to have a say in many issues and get a better education for themselves. She had laid down the bases for the three branches of feminism; 1. Liberal Feminism, focusing on women's similarties to men and emphasizes equality. 2. Cultural Feminism which focuses on women's deffrances from men and equality and 3 dominance feminism.Elizabeth was one of the many people to come out and demand for women's right for voting. Then finally in 1920 women's could vote and her ideas of equality were slowly begining to be recognized.


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Elizabeth Cady Stanton



Elizabeth Cady Stanton


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