[2014] patricia mcnamee: Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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[2014] patricia mcnamee: Elizabeth Cady Stanton


Elizabeth Cady StantonBy: Tricia McNamee

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born on November 12, 1815. Her home town was Jamestown in New York. Elizabeth's parents were Margaret Livingston and Daniel Cady. Elizabeth was one of the six children (out of 11) that lived through early childhood. She went to the Jamestown Academy and also attended Emma Willard's Troy Female Seminary. In 1840 Elizabeth married Henry Stanton. During the year 1848, along with other women ,Elizabeth held the first Woman's Right convention in Seneca Falls, New York. Elizabeth met Susan B. Anthony, in 1851, the two began to work on many papers and articles. These two women took over the Woman's Suffrage movements. Matilda Gage helped Elizabeth author the "Declaration of Rights". In 1876 Susan brought the book to the Philadelphia Centennial celebration. Throughout her life Elizabeth also traveled around the country to give lectures. Later in her life however she traveled less and wrote more. Elizabeth published a book in 1895,1898. It was called the Woman's Bible. Eighteen years before her death women were finally allowed to vote. Elizabeth died in New York City during the October of 1902.


1815 - Born.1832 - Graduated from Troy Female Seminary.1840 - Married1848 - held Convention1869 - founded NWSA1881-85 - Wrote Books1902 - Died

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton had a powerful role in the women's rights movements. Elizabeth and Susan worked on militant weekly newspaper called Revolution. Together they later founded the National Woman Suffrage Association. For twenty years Elizabeth was the president of NWSA.In her life Elizabeth wrote many books including three volumes of the History of Woman Suffrage. She also gave lectures across the country.


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"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal." -Elizabeth Cady Staton


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