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Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell was born on Feburary 3, 1882.Elizabeth was born in Counterslip, England too Hannah and Samuel Blackwell.

Elizabeth had many siblings. The Blackwells were very wealthy, and they lived on a large estate. Unfortunatley, the Blackwells went bankrupt, and they moved to America.

Elizabeth did not conduct any experiments, but she took care of her patients in her infirmary and distrubuted medicine and medical supplies through her dispensary.

Elizabeth started studying with a male doctor privately.Elizabeth was accepted into Geneva Medical College in New York in 1847. It took a long time for Elizabeth to be accepted into a medical school. Elizabeth graduated from Geneva in 1849. After graduating, Elizabeth went to Europe for further training and worked in a maternity hospital in France. Elizabeth later moved back to New York.

Elizabeth set up a dispensary in New York where she distributed medicine and medical supplies. Elizabeth also set up an infirmary where she treated her patients. Elizabeth later founded a medical school for women in 1868. Elizabeth was the first woman listed in the medical register of the United Kingdom.

Elizabeth never married, because she wanted to be independant from a man.Elizabeth continued working in her infirminary and hospital along with her sister, who also became a doctor. Elizabeth later moved back to England.

Elizabeth was best known for being the first women in American to get her diploma of Doctor of Medicine.

Elizabeth became interested in the medical field when her friend was dying from uterine cancer. Her friend said she would have been more comfortable with a woman doctor. Elizabeth was also an avid supporter of women's rights, and wanted to prove women could be doctors too. This inspired Elizabeth to become a doctor.

Elizabeth died in her home in Hastings England, on May 31, 1910. Elizabeth was 89 years old when she died.

"It is not easy to be a pioneer- but oh, is it fascinating! I would not trade one moment, even the worst moment for all the riches in the world. - Elizabeth Blackwell

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