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The people in the kingdom of Isreal were not obeying God. They worshiped false idols and disobeyed Him. God sent a famin through out Isreal so He told Eligah to go to a brook to live. Ravens gave him bread and meat at night and morning. When the brook dried up, God told Elijah to go to a widow for food. The widow was vary poor, but God blessed them and gave them food. God told elijah to go back to Isreal and tell the king why they had a drought. When the king herd this, he was very angry. He sent soldiers to find Elijah to kill him. Elijah ran away and he prayed that God would take his live. God did't but gave him bread and water so he could go back to Isreal. The King was angryer and thought God was not real so God and Elijah challanged him and his gods. They had to see whoever builds an alter first and which god burns the sacrafice the real God. The people who worship false gods built an alter quickly and cried out to their gods. the even cut themselves. Elijah laughed at them then built his alter. he made it out of stone, not wood and poured water on it. God lit fire of the sacrafice and the people were amazed. Some of them beileved in God now, but the king still didn't believe in God.


DroughtElijah left the cityfed by ravenscalled by God to go to widow's house Battle on MT. carmelTaken to haeven by chariots of fire

When Elijah listened to God he challenged to king and false gods. The widow had great faith in God.Got isreal to turn back to God and stop worshiping false gods.Stopped the drought.

Lasting Impact

Elijah brought many people and most of Isreal back to God. Elijah rode up to haven of chariots of fire beause he was a great prophet so God didn't let him die before going to heaven.


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