Elijah of Buxton

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Elijah of Buxton

Elijah of Buxton

Elijah of Buxton takes place in Buxton Canada, in the year 1859.

Elijah is born in Buxton and is the first person born in the free colony.He is eleven years old and his bestfriend is Cooter.

Buxton is a town offreed slaves in Canada.

Mr. Leroy asks Elijah to come with him to Americato get back the money. Tragickly, Mr. Leroy dies andasks Eligah to avenge him. Elijah continues on hisJourney and finds the Reverand hung in a barn, killedby white slave traders. A woman in chains trusts Elijah to bring her son to Canada, and he resite the freedom speach that his father always read to newlyfreed slaves.

Elijah has an odd talent of rock chunking, which the preacher, Reverand Zephariah, abuses by almost selling him to a circus. When the husband of Mrs. Holton is beaten to death, she givesthe money she was saving to free him to Mr. Leroy to save his family. Mr. Leroy trust Reverand to deliver the large some ofmoney to someone who can retrieve his family, but the Reverandsteals it.


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