Elijah Of Buxton

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Elijah Of Buxton

Exposition The setting of this award winning book is in Buxton, Canada. It also takes place in Michigan. The main characters in this book are Elijah, Preacher, Mr. Leroy, ma and pa, and Cooter. There are also a few animals that are main in this book called OldFlap and Jingle Boy.

Rising action Rising Action: One day there was a carnival down in Chatham. When the festival was over the Preacher wanted to show off Elijahs rock throwing skills, so Elijah had a race against Madame Sabbar. Elijah won and the Preacher tried to make a deal so he could earn some money, but the owner of the carnival only payed slaves! Also, the Preacher went busting into the carnival one night when it was closed and grabbed a slave kid and brought him to safety in Buxton.

Turning Point The turning point in this story is when Miss Holton's husband dies and all the money she has been saving up she gives to Mr. Leroy so he can by his family out of slavery. Mr. Leroy has the Preacher and Mr. Highgate go to Michigan to plan out buying his family. Once they get there the Preacher wants to gamble with the money so he shoots Mr. Highgate and leaves to gamble with all the money.

Falling Action When neqws in reported to Mr. Leroy, he gets mad and runs into the woods. When Elijah is eavesdropping he is "kidnapped" by Mr. Leroy and they each go to Michigan on Jingle Boy to find the Preacher and kill him.

Resolution In this story they really don't solve their problem, someone else does. When they get into Michigan Mr. Leroy dies of a heart attack. Elijah figures out where the Preacher last gambled and went there. The Preacher had last gambled in a slaver's stable, and when Elijah went into the stable he saw 6 slaves and one of them was dead. The dead one was the Preacher. When he was about to leave one of the slaves was a tiny baby that wasn't chained down so he took the baby to Buxton.

Elijah Of BuxtonBy: Christopher Paul Curtis

Created By: Alex DeVaney



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