Elie Metchnikoff

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Elie Metchnikoff

Elie Metchinikoff's work was important to medicine because he discovered an important key in our bodies that helps to fight off diseases. With this discovery, he lead many other scientists to cure contagious diseases.

Metchinikoff's most important achievments:*In 1882-86 he observed that certain cells unconnected and engulfed carmine dye particles that he had introduced to the bodies of larvae*He recognized that white blood cells are the first line of defense angainst acute infections

Elie Metchnikoff

Born May 16 1845 near Khariv, UkraineDied July 16 1916 in Paris, France.

Elie Metchinikoff was the first person to discover that white blood cells are needed to fight off diseases.

Who is Elie Metchinkoff?

Why was his work important to medicine?


*In 1856 he entered Kharkov Lycee and develoed his intrest in biology*In 1868 he completeted his doctoral degree* From 1888-1916 Metchinikoff contributed to many important discoveries about the immune resopnse*In 1908 he recieved the nobel prize for physiology

Metchinikoff started his carrer by recievimg his bachelor's degree at the University of Kharkov in 1864 and completed his doctoral degree at the University of St.Petersburg in 1868.He served as a professor of zoology. While studying the origin of digestive organs in starfish larvea he noticed certain cells that engulfed carmin dye particles that he introduced to the bodies of larvea; he called these phagocytes. Working at the Bacteriological Institute, this was when his discovery of the white blood cells are the first in line defense against acute infections.


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