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Eli Whitney

Eli Whitney was born on Dec. 8,1765 and died in 1825. Eli was born in Westborough, MA. "He was the oldest son of a farmer. He had one sister, Elizabeth, and two brothers, Benjamin and Josiah."

"He married a 31 year old Henrietta Edwards when he was 52 in 1817."Eli also went to Yale University.

Eli Whitney

He discovered how to separate the seeds from cotton to make anything you want to make with it.

"Eli and Miller established a buisness that processed the mens' cotton with their fee and payed not in cash but in cotton." Whitney also sadly had very poor health.

He didn't go to school until he was 23 because he worked on a farm when he was young.When he was out of college,he became a tutor and then met a man to be (work) partners with.Together they invented the cotton gin with much help from eachother.


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