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Author: Jon FavreauPublication: November 7, 2003

Elf is about a human named Buddy who, when he was a baby, was accidentally transported to the North Pole. There he was raised by elves. Buddy eventually realizes that he is not an elf, but a human, so he travels to New York to meet his real father for the first time. Buddy was expecting a wonderful time, but the only problem is that his father is on the naughty list.



This book is about an elf named Buddy who lives in the North Pole with Santa. Buddy has always been different from the other elves. He was taller and could not make toys so fast. One day, he overhears two elves talking about how he isn’t a human. Buddy asks Santa about it, and Santa admitted that, as a baby, Buddy had crawled into Santa’s sack when he wasn’t looking. Buddy learns that his real father lives in New York. He also learned that his father is on the naughty list. That does not stop Buddy. Excited, and always optimistic Buddy sets off to New York to find his father, and spread Christmas cheer. During his quest he experiences and learns many things about the real world. He faces angry raccoons and “elves”. He battles his way through traffic and a job. But throughout his whole journey, Buddy never loses his Christmas cheer.


I really liked the humor in this book. It was not stopping adventure as Buddy learned to fit in the real world. There isn’t really anything that I didn’t like about this book. It was a perfect mix of comedy, adventure, and suspense. This book was unrealistic, but shared an important lesson, and many laughs. This book was humorous, suspenseful, and exciting all at the same time. The lead actor, Will Ferrell, played Buddy. Will Ferrell was a perfect fit for this movie.

Elf is a timeless movie that makes people of all ages laugh.

I really liked this movie because it was very funny. This movie was informative and practical in its own way. The lesson featured the importance of upholding Christmas spirit. But within that it taught that you should accept all types of people for who they are, even if they are a little different. It also taught that getting too caught up in work, and ignoring the world around you is not an ideal lifestyle.

Elf was a wonderful book. You get so caught into it, you feel as if you really are on the streets of New York with Buddy eating chewed gum on the sidewalk, thinking its free candy. Will Buddy take his father off the naughty list, and improve many lives in New York? Or will he return to the North Pole defeated. Destined to a future of never truly fitting in? You must watch this movie because it will cause laughs for people of all ages.



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