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They can mostly be found in the Sahara desert out of Africa. Although they can be found in other parts of the world as pets. It is very likely to be found in other parts of the world. They cannot live in any cold parts of the world, they have to live in warm parts. Their biome is mainly warm but it gets a lot of rainfall when it rains.


The elephant is the worlds largest land animal. They have a long trunk that hangs from their nose and at the end they have two nostrils. They use it to gather food that is higher than their head. Their tough and leathery skin protects them from sharp objects in their biome. They have two long teeth that come out the side of their mouth. They are called tusk.

Habitat Discription

In their habitat there is plenty of food for the elephant to eat. They have to compete with other animals for food in their biome. They do not have to worry about migrating because they can adapt to the south of their biome. Their biome mostly in warm and regularly really hot and gets average amount of rainfall.

World Distribution or within biome


They have to learn to adapt to their biome's warm and hot temperatures. Also the amount of rainfall that their biome gets year-round. They have to learn how to work with other animals to make survival possible in their lifetime.



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