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Fun Facts


Elephants mostly eat plants, roots, fruit and grass.

Elephants can be found in savannahs,deserts and marshes. Most live in Africa.

-The skull of the African elephant is huge, making up 25% of its body weight.-The upper lip and nose of the African elephant are extended to form the trunk.-African elephants use sounds well below the range of human hearing to communicate over long distances.

Just more information on Elephants!

Common Name :African ElephantScientific Name:Loxodonta africana sppStatus:Vulnerable Population:470,000 - 690,000 individuals

Physical Descripton:Worlds largest terristrial animal. Their tusks are an extension of their upper lip and nose. It is used for communication. Tusks, which are large modified incisors that grow throughout an elephant's lifetime, occur in both males and female. The other feature of African elephants is their very large ears, which allow them to radiate excess heat.

The world's largest independent conservation organization. This organization helps animals who are endangered. WWF is helping protect the habitat for the elephants, and to also make sure they are not getting killed for their tusks.

Because ivory is worth a lot to some humans, many elephants have been killed for their tusks. Ths is now illegal for humans, but some still do not listen. So therefore, that is the reason why elephants are endangered to this day.


World Wildlife Fund


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