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Basic InformationHabitat: hot dry areas w/ water near by Description: Largest land animal on Earth, large butterfly wing shaped ears, long trunk, gray, tough looking skin, two whitish tusks, & tail coming off the back. Diet: Herbivore, vegetarian diet including roots, twigs, small plants, grasses, seeds, veggies, fruits, etc.

Range*African Elephants are found in savannah zones in 37 different countries south of Sahara Desert. as well as dense rain forests of west and central Africa*Asian Elephants are found in 13 different states with in Asia and even some in India.

African Elephant Range Map

Asian Elephant Range Map

Behavior of an Elephant* Diurnal * Trunks as a tool to bathe themselves, grab food from higher places, to drink water, etc. *Form tight family bonds*Travel in heards *Great memory

Communication & Predators/Status*I trumpet when I'm excited or distressed. I also rumble when im happy/content similar to when a cat would purr. *When I'm healthy I dont have any known predators besides humans. *Considered a sensitive species

Interesting FactsI'm known to express joy when greeted ny a friend, including a human, the birth of a baby elephant, or while playing games.


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