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Allison Brady

Elephants are endangered becuase people in africa hunt them for their tusks, or what they call ivory. Also they do not drink from their trunks, but they suck water into their trunk, and then they spit it into their mouth.

I choose elephants because I did not know a lot about them, and I knew they were very sweet, so I wanted to learn about them.

Before I had researched elephants I knew that they cared a lot for their young. My favorite part about researching elephants was that how much elephants, how big they grow, and how much water they drink.

Elephants usually eat leaves, twigs, bamboo, or roots. A group of elephants is called a herd.

Elephants usually wiegh 13,000 pounds, and they usually livev 60 years. They are most commonly found in Africa.

An elephant is a mammal, they are the largest living thing on earth, there are two types of elephant Asian. Elephants have big ears becuase they are big animals, and and in the ears are blood vanes to cool them down so they have big ears


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