Elephants wildlife

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Elephants wildlife

Elephant Features +African Elephants have 2 fingerlike features on their trusk(Asain Elephants have 1)+You can tell an where an elephant came from by looking at the size of their ears+The elephants unique foot structure enable movement over uneven terrain and swampy ground+Elephants stop growing at 17 years old +Elephants are able to walk silently + Elephants have the largest brain out of the mammales +Elephants along with aps, and dolphins can recognizes themselves in a mirror

Elephants Wildlife

This is elephants usual habitat *Elephants need to walk 30 miles a day. With the lack of spaces in their habitat Zoo Elephants get health problems *The main cause of deaths of elephants in zoo's is because of the lack of space*Elephants are force to breed which often lead to dead babies *Elephants should never be kept alone,But elephants in the zoo are usually kept alone for safety of the vistors which usually leads to agressivness and trama to the elephants

African Elephants +There the biggest out of the species+Both male,Female both have tusk+African Skin is more wrinkled +They weight 5000 & 14000IBS+6lbs (2-m Man)+Bulls growing up to 4m tall+ African elephants have very large ears that are shaped like the continent of Africa

Elepahnts are illegal being hunted.+In africa elephants are slowly becoming extinct+There being hunted for meat,and Trunks +locally in 50 years parts in africa elephants will be extinct+Most states/countries do not have a law againist hunting elepahnts For elephants to be safe,They need to+Make laws againist hunting elephants +we need to have protectors to watch over the elephants in the wild which only 2 counties have +Elpehants need to be set into the wild for longer/healthier life's

Asian Elephants +3000 & 6000kg+Only Male's have tusk +Asian elephants are smaller than African Elephants+Usualy lives to 70 years (In wild) +The bggest Asian male Reachs up to no more than 3.5m+Asian elephants are in danger+ they can tear down trees or pick up blade grass

+Female elephants can give birth to calfs at 9years old+Baby elephants have to eat their mothers poop for nutrients or else they may starve+Baby elephants stay very close to their mothers for the first couple of months+About 99% of calves are born at night+female elephants stay with the herd for life well males leave at the age of 12 to 14 +baby elephants relie on their mothers for basicly everything +Baby elephants drink their mothers milk for 10 years and drink 3 gallons of milk a Day


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