Elephant Toothpaste

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Elephant Toothpaste






What did we do?

My Prediction

What I think will happen?

I think our Elephant Toothpaste start to foam but I don't think it willl foam too much. It will probably come out of the bottle and make a mess on the tray.

1) Empty a full packet of Dry Yeast into a cup.2) Mix four table spoons of warm water with Yeast.3) Put on your safety goggles and gloves.4) Use a funnel to pour Hydrogen Peroxide into a bottle5) Add a big squirt of Ditergent and mix.6) Add 10 drops of Food Colouring.7) Place the bottle on top of a plastic tray8) Empty the Yeast solution into the bottle.


What happened & Why?


• 125ml 6% Hydrogen Peroxide (also labelled 20Vol)• 1 Sachet Dry Yeast (powder) + 4 tablespoons of warm water• Detergent• Food colours – optional (not cochineal)• Empty bottle• Funnel• Plastic tray or tub• Dishwashing gloves• Safety goggles

The aim is to make excessive amounts of Foam, or Elephants Toothpaste. By mixing Dry Yeast, Hydrogen Proxide and Dish Detergent a bubbly Foam should be created and this Foam should grow and over flow the bottle that it started out in.

The Foam started to bubbling in the bottle and the level of foam rose until it over flowed the bottle. The foam continued to grow for awile and spilled onto the plastic tray. After it stopped foaming, I left it for awhile and when I came back the foam had shunk and dried up. Our Elephant Toothpaste foamed likethis, but the effects weren't as big as the video.


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