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There are 3 different elephant species which are the Asian elephants, the African Bush elephant, and the African Forest elephant.

When a female elephant is pregnant it takes about 22 months for it to give birth. And when the calf is born it wheighs over 100 kg.

Elephants communicate within their herds or between herds many kilometers away mostly using sounds too low for human ears to percieve and by stamping their feet.

The biggest famous elephant has been Jumbo. He was born in 1861 he was really famous, childrrean loved him alot but he died at age 24, a train hit him and he couldn't recover so he died.

An elephants lifespan is between 60-80 yers, and when an elephant dies they often dig a shallow and cover the deceased elephant with dirt and branches, and will stay at the grave for days afterwards.

Elephants are some of the most intellegent animals on earth. Their brains weigh 5 kg. They commonly show grief, humor, compassion, cooperation, self-awarness, tool-use, playfulness, and excellent learning abilities.

Elephants have been taught to paint with their trunks and pruduce some facinating art work. Elephants also have easily learn how to open simple locks and many master more complex ones, something impossible for most other animals due to lack of dexterity and intellect.

The elephant trunk is a specialized nose, is analogous to an octopus tentacle. It allows them a high degree of manipulation of objects and elephants are adept tool-users.

Elephant are born without tusks, grow milk tusks, and replace them with adult tusks. Usally female are tuskless, elephants can eat up to 150 kg of vegetation every day.

Each elephant has 5 toes, but not every toe has a nail. An elephants foot will reveal that its bones or acually standing on tip-toe, their feet are fat because of a large pad of gristle under each heel which acts as a shock absorber and helps them walk quietly.


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