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Elephant Man

The Elephant Man


I think the worst parts of the book is when a nurse took food to the Elephant man's room, but when she saw him, she screamed and dropped the food. I infer the Elephant man was unhappy, also he felt sorry for the nurse. Next, I think the best part of the book is scene of the Elephant man and Dr. Frederick went to the theatre. The Elephant man went out of the hospital for the first time. While a play, he showed a lot of emotion, he lauged, angry, and sang. I noticed he had a great deal of curiosity, and he was an emotionally expressive person.

I would give a book of love stories, and write a letter to Elephant man's birthday. That is because he really loved reading books, especially, love stories. Morever, he likes talking about the books. Also, I think he likes a letter, because in the story, he was delighted with Cristmas card from Queen Alexandra. After that, he wrote a letter happily to the Queen. So, I believe he become happy if he get a book of love stories and letter in his birthday.

Choose a character, and decide what would be two appropriate birthday present for the character.

I felt sorry thinking about the poor, ugly Elephant man, Joseph Merrick. At the same time, I was curious about him. In the opening chapter, he was in the cold, dark, dirty cage of the shop, like an animal at the zoo. He was called Elephant man because he had very big head and red tooth, mouth and nose were like holes, and his dirty skin came down below his neck. I wondered at why he became looks like an elephant. Also I felt anger at shop owner, Simon Silcock who was used the Elephant man to make money.

My favorite character is Dr. Frederick Treves because he had a kind heart. He gave home to the Elephant man, and he kept a close eye on him every day. When a new nurse saw the Elephant man, and screamed, Dr. Frederick was very angry with the nurse. He took him to hospital for research, but I believe he was always thinking about the Elephant man's feelings. If he doesn't took the Elephant man to the hospital, I guess he couldn't led a happy life. Dr. Frederick was a precious person to the Elephant man, and he was very kindness doctor.

I surprised in the ending of the book, because the Elephant man was died in the bed. When he sleep, he usually sat up in bed with his arms fold his legs, and his head on his knees because his head was very heavy. However, that day night, he was slept on his back like average person. Therefore, his heavy head came off the bed, and his neck wsa broke. I thought he kept his happy life until I read the last scene. I really surprised and very sorry about death of him because he was a good, kind person, and he had a lot of friends.

Tim Vicary

What were your feelings after reading the opening chapter?

What are best perts ? What are the worst parts? Why?

What came as a surprise?

My favorite character is ...because...

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