Elena Hight-Michaela

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Elena Hight-Michaela

Elena Hight was born in Kauai Hawaii on August 17 1989

Elena started Snowboarding at age 6 and has been competing since age 8

Elena is a resident of Lake Tahoe CA

Elena's sponsors are Volcom, Nike 6.0, Oakley, NIkon, Monster Energy Drink, Toyota and U.S. Snowboard Team

Elena has earned 7 medals none from the Olympics

A Womens Halfpipe is when there is a giant halfpipe of snow and you go down it and do a series of tricks and the judges grade tou on how well you do the tricks who ever has the most points after two runs wins

Only being 5 feet 1 inch tall and 115 pounds helps Elena Snowboard.

Elena Hight does Womens Halfpipe in Snowboarding , Elena joined the team in 2006 with Kelly Clark and Hannah Teter and many other girls and boys at only age 16

Elena Hight

In 2010 Elena got into tenth place at the Winter Olympics at age 20

Elena on the halfpipe in 2006, I got this picture from

This is a picture of U.S. Snowboard team in 2006, I got this picture from

Elena was in the 2006 Winter Olympics and finished in sixth place at age 16

This is a picture of Elena doing tricks in the air at 2006 Winter Olympics, I got this picture from


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