Elements of Gothic Lit

by haydenhoffman
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Elements of Gothic Lit

Deathly AppearanceIn Dracula he appears deathly. His skin has a deathly palor, his eyes have dark shadows underneath. His look portrays an evil character. In Gothic Lit this look helps to define who is evil and who is good.

Dungeons /BondageIn Frankenstein the creature is created in a stone building similar to a dungeon repre-senting the bondage that is often seen in Gothic literature.

Elements of Gothic Literature

Storms/LightningLightening in Frankenstein is used to bring the creature to life. In Gothic Lit. it is often used as a supernatural event to cause an evil outcome. It is also a sign that forwarns of danger in a Gothic story.


Body PartsGothic Lit frequents turns to the bizarre. In Frankenstein the creature is made of body parts collected from various dead bodies, meant to create a beautiful creature, but instead creates a monster.

CemeteriesCemeteries represent death in Gothic Lit. In Dracula the innocent are luredt to the cemetery in order to be defiled by evil. The heroes also often have to go there to fight evil.


IsolationGothic Lit often depicts isolation as a promoter of evil. In Dracula his castle is far away and isolated, a evil place necesary to produce the evil Dracula.

Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Unnatural DeathIn Gothic Lit characters often experience unnatural deaths. Evil characters often require extrodinary means in order to be killed. In Dracula a stake through the heart is necessary to kill a vampire.

Death of GoodnessIn Gothic Lit often a person of goodness must die for the hero to progress. In the Ancient Mariner, the albatross had to die for the mariner to progress as a good character.

Existance of SupernaturalOften in Gothic Lit a supernatural event must occur in order to change the course of the story. In the Ancient Mariner the crew must all die, but the mariner live and confront the skeletal woman in order to survive.

Deathly BeingsUnearthly beings are often depicted in Gothic Lit. They are necessary to catch the attention of the good hearted character who must address some issue of life. In the Ancient Mariner the ship that appears to rescue them is inhabited by deathly beings. Without these characters the mariner may have missed the message intended.



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