Elements of Dance

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Elements of Dance

Manipulating time within movement can vary from static to active movement. You can play with tempo such as fast and slow. You can also experiment with repitition and retrograding. Watch this youtube clip and see how this man uses technology to play with timing! (Just watch the first 30 sec)

Elements of Dance

Just as there are elements in the earth there are elements with in dance. We get to "bend" elements just like Aang did!

Space refers to how your body relates to the space in which your in. You can relate to the space through directional concepts such as: forward, backward, diagonal, and sideways. Space also refers to pathways, levels, positive and negative space, and asymmetrical vs symmetrical shapes.




Energy can refer to the weight behind movement as well as the strength or flow. Energy also refers to quality of motion such as swing, collapse, vibratory, explosive, and melt. Check out this guys sweet moves! See if you can identify different energy qualities!

by: Bri Lago


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