Elements of creativity

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Elements of creativity

Chapter 5 Elements of creativity

Its important that when you try to give an idea it is clear and with an objective.

The elements whe will need to comunicate in a succesfull way will be

Line ,message, color,form ,texture, space and audity

Message takes a big part in the process of comunication ,it consists in the "transmition of signs using a common code between an emisor and receptor an its purpose is to give something to know

Color can define it as the atrivute of any object in presence of white light.

The mixt of all the electromagnetic waves

Line ,its important to understand what is a point ,however it is the continues points losing the space betwen them.

A point is the simplest visual expresion and its characteristics are:-very small-simple form

The forms can have common things as the ones in real live or they can be oof our imagination,all forms have color ,size,texture,outline and take a place

Forms can be -Fugurative -Abstract-Caligraphic-Geometric

Texture makes reference to the characteristics of the superface in a determine form and that are considered as part of the nature ,this ones are clasified in visual textures and touch textures.

Space: The relation of the distance or the area that is kept between or around the objects we are designing.This can be clasifided in :-Positive or Negative -Soft or Illusory -Fluctuating or conflictive

Auditory or music ,its the art of mix sounds comfortable for our earing,it is conformed into :-Ryth -Melody-Armony

Also,some other elemts are:-Duration-High-Ding-Dinamic-Form-Instrument

Figurative forms can be:-Natural-Artificial -Verbal

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