Elementry School Cyberbullying

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Elementry School Cyberbullying


In Elementry School

Dear Parents, Bullying used to just happen in school when we were kids and it would never follow us home, but it is completely different for our children. With the use of cell phones and computers our children can be bullied any where and anytime. We call bullying that takes place using this technology cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is almost more harmful than the bullying we experienced because it is so hard to get away from and our childeren are so involved with the technology. That is why, as parents, we have to look for the signs of cyberbulling and know how to prevent it.

What is Happening?Cyberbulling is causing children to take their own lives. Many times these students and children feel that there is no way out and that it is their fault that they are getting bullied. It is extremely important to let our children know that they are not alone and they can always come to an adult if they feel that are being bullied.

Why is it a Problem?Cyberbullying is a problem because it affects our children everyday. It is also a problem because it can reach a child whether they are at school or not. Unlike being bullied in person the child can recieve a message day or night, whether they are with someone or not. It is also a problem because the kids who are cyberbullied are most likely also bullied in the school. Another reason it is a problem is because it is hard for parents to even realize that their child is being bullied. Finally, it is a problem because the bullies can do it anonymously and get away with it.

What Can Parents Do?Parents can limit the amount of technology that their child is allowed to have. For example they can block social networking sites, know what sites their childeren are using, have parental controls on their cell phones, and most importantly talk with their children about the dangers of technology. They can make it clear to their children that they can always come to them and that they should always tell an adult that they are being bullied. They should also explain to their children that bullying is never ok and if they see it happening to another student they should report it right away.

Parents should be sure and tell their children that cyberbullying and bullying is never ok and if they see it happening to another peer that they should report it to an adult right away.

Cyberbullying can happen anywhere and anytime whether your child is with a parent or not.

What IS Cyberbullying?Cyberbullying is bullying that can take place over any form of technology such as cell phones, computers, or anyother device that has connection to the internet or ways of communication with others. Cyberbullying can also take place on social networking sites such as facebook and myspace. - Information on what bullying and cyberbullying is and how to handle - Resources parents can use to talk to their children about - More Resources and Aritcles to help parents recognize the signs of cyberbullying and how to talk to them about - An entire website dedicated to all types of bullying and how to understand, intervine and prevent it.

Helpful Resources on Cyberbullying



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