Elementary School Teacher

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Elementary School Teacher

Kiaira McIntosh 6th Period

*Elelmentary school teachers create methods of learning and lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives. *They facilitate learning by establishing a relationship with their students/ children , and by their methods of learning they enhance their students record of knowledge and prepare them for the real world and next grade.

Elementary School Teacher

What is Teaching?

Required Skills

*Active Listening* Reading Comprehension*Critical Thinking*Writing*Reading

Wages & Degree Level

Knowledge & Abilities

* $ 89.540 yearly pay*a bachelor's degree along with completing an accredited teacher training program & a student teaching program,passing state exams are required before becoming certified to become a teacher.

* You must know the english language* Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning & ect.*Oral Comprehension and Expression are required abilities when pursuing this field.

Tools & Technology*Photo copiers*Alarm Clocks*Two screen Monitors


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