Elementary School EES

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Elementary School EES

Spinoffs in my ENVIRONMENT

Invisible braces were first invented with homing device material. A company working with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration invented the new invisible braces with this material. The translucent, ceramic, and shatter-proof braces that are also visually appealing are bought by the thousands and considered one of the greatest orthodontic breakthroughs.

Invisible Braces

Cancer Endoscopes

Baby Food

Many baby formulas are available on the market, but some have a nutritionally enriching ingredient that can be sought back by NASA-sponsored research about an algae to assist long-time space travel. Its success is caused by two essential acids known as docosahexaenoic acid (or DHA) and arachidonic acid (or ARA.) It is believed by many scientists that these support mental and visual maturation.

What is Spinoff Technology?Many days, you will see a rocket shoot off into space, and you won't think much about it. Just another research rocket, nothing to do with me. But you are wrong. Many things NASA has done for space benefits the majority of us on earth. In this presentation, we have presented three technologies that were created by NASA, and one of our own. Enjoy!

In 2004, a micro-endoscope, based off the Hubble Telescope, which provides a more accurate diagnosis eliminating the need of having the undergo a more discomforting procedure to accurately diagnose a patient. The spinoff lets doctors look at the patient’s system on a screen to favor instead of said procedure.

Our invention is based off of a Mars Rover. Our new and improved rover can go place no human has been before such as volcanoes and uner the water. This rover also sends out smaller rovers to go through smaller gaps.