Elementary Principals Meeting

by amystanley
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Elementary Principals Meeting

Change isn't easy!

PurposesImprove Teaching PracticesEntertain - Staff Wellness/MoraleConsistency throughout the schoolLegal requirements - SafetyContinuous GrowthGet the money spent

Ideas from 12/11Ideas from Robin Fogarty ResourcesPowerpoint from Robin will be shared via email

Essential Elementscore curriculuminteractionrelevancepracticemonitoringsupportmusclefollow uprelationshipscollaborationtimefocusendurancetrust

The 4 M's ModelMethodologyModelingMonitoringMuscle

Purpose is Power!

ChangeIts a process, requires nuturing can't be one shotUnderstanding changes takes time"No instant Pudding"Everyone embraces the change at different levels AWARENESS firstFlexibiilty to move forward and backModel it!




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